New Things To Consider On Boosting Your SEO

If you are new in SEO Business, you need to learn fast and be up to date. The rules keep changing (for the better), and if you are not fast enough to adapt to the changes your website might be gone from the search map. SEO Malaysia knows the latest SEO trend, and would be happy to share several new things that can boost your SEO.

  • User data protection

As EU published the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation in early 2019, which allows users to have more control of their private information. In the past, there has been a lot of issues for cyber security, and though it has decreased, there are still plenty of data protection issues to be concerned of. 2019 is a prominent moment for data protection initiation.

  • Flawless UX

Nowadays web designers apply a user-oriented approach on designing a website. Why user-oriented? Because at the end of the day, the users are the ones who use the website, and it would be up to them to decide whether the website is worth-visiting or not. The web designers need to put themselves inside the users’ shoes so that they can create a website that is easy to understand, appealing design, free of bugs, and overall great performance.

  • Influencer Marketing

A marketing strategy that involve influences as one of the approach is currently trending. Search in social media to find influences that can really represent your brand. An influence is a humane way to show customers that your brand cares a lot about people. Try to find credible influences and ask them to mention you on their posts. That would surely help your SEO.

Above are few new trends to consider on boosting your SEO. The people in your digital marketing team must swiftly adapt to the latest trends so that your website would not be left behind.

Written by Emma Carroll

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