Are you a hijabi? Knowing that you need to wear a hijab most of the time, it must be a struggle every
day to look good. Well, I am pretty sure you still want to look good even with your hijab on. Besides,
with so many options now when it comes to hijabs, that is quite possible.

Here are some hacks that might be useful to you:

If you are always having a hard time tucking your hair under the hijab, you can use a hairspray and for sure, your problem will just be a thing of the past.

If suddenly you need to iron out your hijab, you don’t need to setup the table or take out your iron as you can easily do that by using the hair straightener. This is a quicker option especially that you the said tool might be used already while you are prepping yourself.

To achieve that sun-kissed look, you should choose a hijab with a lighter shade than your skin tone. Try using nude colors or maybe, lighter pinks, trust me, you will be amazed by the result.

If at times, the hijab you like to use is unwashed, don’t let this ruin your day as there is still something you can do. Yes, and that is by the help of a fabric softener wipes. This is why you should always have a pack handy.

Do you have an infinity scarf? You can use that as your hijab and you can easily find some tutorials in YouTube. Check it out now!

For those Muslim women who needs to wear a hijab all the time, the tips above should be quite helpful to them. You should learn how to strategize so that your being a hijabi will not become boring.

Written by Emma Carroll

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